Why Does My Dog Lick Its Paws? Cause For Concern

Have you noticed that your dog has been licking its paws repeatedly? There are many reasons as to why your dog may be licking its paws. It could be due to injury, skin issues, allergies, skin lesions, illness, boredom, and even anxiety.¬†People commonly ask, “Why does my dog lick its paws?” It is normal forContinue reading “Why Does My Dog Lick Its Paws? Cause For Concern”

What To Do If Your Dog Is Choking: Heimlich Maneuver

Swallowing a foreign object can be very dangerous for dogs and may require immediate action. Knowing what to do if your dog has something stuck in its throat is one of the important things you should know as a responsible dog owner. Esophageal obstruction in dogs is fairly common and requires treatment. Below, we willContinue reading “What To Do If Your Dog Is Choking: Heimlich Maneuver”

CBD Oil For Dogs And Its Amazing Benefits

The use of CBD oil to treat health issues in both people and pets has become a recent health trend. However, there is so much information floating around on the internet making it difficult to tell what is accurate and simply false. We all want the best for our dogs; thus, the question of whetherContinue reading “CBD Oil For Dogs And Its Amazing Benefits”

6 Amazing Dog Diapers To Stop Unwanted Messes

Diapers are not only for human use; dogs with urinary incontinence, temperament issues, urinary tract infections, anxiety, excitability, and untrained puppies are sometimes prone to having accidents around the house, leaving a mess for their owners to clean up. In these cases, dog diapers may be your new best friend. These frequent accidents are not funContinue reading “6 Amazing Dog Diapers To Stop Unwanted Messes”

Surprising Reasons Puppuccinos Are Harmful To Your Dog

Are you a dog owner and also an avid coffee drinker? If so you have likely seen the lines of people in the drive-thru at our favorite coffee shop, with their furry friends, waiting to get their paws on a puppuccino, sometimes referred to as a pup cup, but are these tasty treats actually harmful to our dogs’ health?¬†